Here at Eye Deal Optical you will find a huge range of frames from NHS/budget to the latest designers. We always have over 1000 different frames in stock, from full rimmed to rimless frames so you will never be stuck for choice. Our experienced staff are always at hand to advise and help you choose the perfect frame. Current designer ranges include Ray Ban, Versace, Armani, Oakley, Michael Korrs, Diesel, Guess, Ted Baker, Police and Oasis. We also have a wide range of traditional and modern gents and ladies frames as well as plenty of fashion frames for children and teens. Many of our frames can be provided free on the NHS for those who are entitled. We can also provide safety spectacles and sports eye wear.


There are several different types of spectacle lenses to choose from and sometimes making the right choice can be a difficult and confusing one. Here at Eye Deal Optical our experts are always on hand to offer advice and help you to make the right choice.
We specialise in dispensing all types of lenses and we have access to an independent only manufacturing laboratory, allowing us to supply high quality lenses including bifocals and varifocals.
Confused about lens choice? Here is a brief explanation of the most common lens options:

Single Vision

Used to correct vision for people who are Hyperopic (Long-Sighted), Myopic (Short-Sighted) or Presbyopic. We dispense stock single vision lenses and high index, thin and light lenses for those who have a strong prescription.


Bifocals are used to correct both distance and near vision. They are often a more convenient solution than 2 separate pairs for anybody who requires both distance and reading glasses. Bifocals can easily be identified by the presence of a ‘segment’ at the bottom of the lens. One limitation comes with computer screen use as the segment can limit vision in this situation.


Varifocals, like Bifocals are used to correct both distance and near vision. Unlike Bifocals, they do not have a visible line across the lens as the distance and reading prescriptions are gradually ‘blended’ into each other. Varifocals are now the lens of choice for anybody who does not want the inconvenience of 2 separate pairs. They offer a more complete solution to your visual needs.
Freeform lens technology Advances in lens design software and precision freeform equipment has provided us with new and exciting opportunities, enabling us to offer a wide range of high performance, state-of-the art-lenses. We do this by digitally modelling the optical lens surfaces with an infinite amount of control points, creating personalised ophthalmic lenses tailored to each patient. The instant result is significantly greater visual comfort and significantly wider fields of view.



  • Well-balanced, dynamic design
  • Good distance and reading visual zones
  • Variable corridor lengths


  • Extra soft personalized design
  • Significantly reduced swim affect
  • Excellent choice for 1st time wearers & previous non-adaptation issues
  • Variable corridor lengths


  • Premium varifocal design ensuring quick adaptation
  • Excellent optical performance in all zones
  • Variable corridor lengths


  • Designed especially for users of electronic devices
  • Excellent optical performance at near & intermediate
  • Quick and easy adaptation (minimal swim effect)



  • Excellent distance and intermediate vision whilst maintaining a full-powered reading area
  • Low oblique astigmatism so minimal swim
  • Quick and easy adaption ensuring comfort
  • Specifically designed for sports eg golf & cycling


  • Widest area of binocular distance vision
  • Wide field of view for instrument panel
  • Quick and easy adaptation (reduces swim-effect)
  • 75% of reading add


  • Anti-fatigue to reduce visual fatigue produced by continuous accommodation effort
  • Reduces symptoms of eye redness, pain, dryness & even headaches
  • Clear vision at all distances due to minimal swim


  • Occupational design set at 1.3m
  • Widest field of view for intermediate & reading
  • Quick and easy adaption (reduce swim-effect)
  • Dynamic vision thanks to Smart Add


Lenses available

  • Transitions
  • XtraActive
  • Polarised
  • Drivewear


All spectacle lenses produce unwanted glare and reflections which can reduce the quality of your vision. Eye Deal Optical recommend Anti-reflective Coatings on all our lenses to maximise the quality of your vision. They are particularly helpful for anybody who drives or uses a computer and they also help to protect your lenses from scratches.

Blue Light

More of us are using electronic devices throughout the day and recent studies have shown that this poses a potential risk to the health of your eyes. Computers, smart phones, tablets and televisions all emit ‘Blue Light’ which can disrupt sleep patterns, cause eyestrain and dry eye and even increase the risk of developing eye disease such as Macular Degeneration. If you use any electronic device for a few hours or more every day or before going to sleep it is strongly recommended that you have a Blue Light Coating to protect your eyes and help you to sleep properly.


Most of us have experienced some sensitivity to sunlight at some point in our lives, especially if you have been abroad to a hot country. UV rays in sunlight pose a real danger to your eyes and can lead to Cataract formation and diseases like Macular Degeneration. It is important to protect your eyes from the sun so Eye Deal Optical can offer tinted lenses and UV protection to keep your eyes safe.

Sports and Safety Eyewear

Sports eyewear and goggles can be provided with prescription lenses or clear lenses depending on your individual needs.  This range is designed to offer excellent ventilation and peripheral viewing so you can see the entire court, pitch or field with ease. They are constructed with strong, durable and impact-resistant materials, minimising the risk of shattering.

We have hundreds of different options for you to choose from, ranging from budget choices to designer choices.  Whether you play competitively or just for fun, we can provide the perfect eyewear to suit you.

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