We are delighted to now be able to offer a comprehensive Audiology service. Lee MacDonald is an experienced, local Audiologist who will be able to guide you through the hearing checks, offering advice about the health of the ears and also discuss the numerous options available.

We offer a free 15 minute Screening Check where 3 different frequencies (sounds) are presented to each ear. This will establish the level of hearing function each ear currently possesses. A check of the ear health will also be performed and you will be able to view the images via the computer software.

Following on from this 15 minute screening, Lee will then be able to recommend the next step which may include wax removal, which he has numerous years of experience, or a Full Hearing Assessment.

The Full Hearing Assessment can last around an hour but is still free of charge and will be a more thorough clinical examination of your ears and a full Audiometric assessment of your hearing and how the brain processes the information. This will allow us to know exactly how we can help your hearing.

If needed, a demonstration of the various hearing aids will be included and recommendations then given.

We have a range of solutions available and these will be discussed in detail with you after the Full Hearing Assessment is performed.

Call us on 01642 246193 for more information.

Lee Macdonald