Independent Optician
"Quality service and great value"
Eye Examinations £25
Enhanced Eye Exam (includes Fundus Photography) £35
Eye Deal Optical use only high tech' equipment to examine your eyes in great detail. Our average appointment time is 30 minutes rather than the average 20, so you can be sure our results are highly accurate. Our Optometrists take the extra time needed to ensure a thorough eye exam and to discuss with you any recommendations and solutions to your problems at length. We never rush! A typical examination consists of:
Symptoms and History:
A Consultation with our Optometrist to evaluate your problems in full, taking all the time necessary to listen to your needs.
Our Optometrist will check your vision and find any prescription that needs to be corrected, before explaining any findings in detail
Health Assessment:
Our Optometrist will check the health of both the external and internal eye using a special microscope and a special light to look into your eyes. This will detect any diseases such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration
Muscle Balance assessment:
By checking your muscle balance, we can check for any turns or misalignment between the eyes. This allows us to ensure that your eyes are working together as they should
Field of Vision Test:
A 'Fields' test allows us to check your peripheral or 'side' vision. This can help us to detect diseases such as Glaucoma and even Brain Tumours.
Eye Pressures:
Our Optometrist will use a revolutionary device called an iCare Tonometer to measure the pressure inside of your eyes.
Most Opticians use a device that fires a puff of air into your eye, which can be very uncomfortable and is generally not liked. The iCare Tonometer used by Eye Deal is much more pleasant and most people do not feel a thing!!
Fundus Photography:
Eye Deal Optical are one of a few Opticians to have this technology in store. We use a special camera to take a picture of the back of your eyes which is then stored permanently on your electronic record. This is probably the most accurate way to monitor eye health and can help us to pick up eye disease earlier than we usually could. Images can then be compared on following visits to look for any minute changes in eye health. Highly recommended to anybody over the age of 40 or to anybody with a family history of eye disease such as Glaucoma. We offer all our customers this service at a small additional charge of £10